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04 Ott 2018


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

ESA/RN27 Mid-Term Conference 2018 Social Structures, Culture and Institutions in Southern European Societies

The aim is to facilitate sociological research in Southern Europe and to promote communication and cooperation between sociologists and between sociologists and other social scientists interested in the region.
This conference will discuss the challenges and dilemmas of Southern European Societies in order to provide an authoritative account of the current situation.
– Social problems in Southern European Societies
– Social trends and social transformations
– Social and cultural structures in the south of Europe
– Institutions and governance
– Convergence and divergence in Southern European Societies
– Social issues and trends in the Mediterranean Area, the Middle East and other areas of Europe with implications for Southern European Societies;
– The production of sociological knowledge for informing policy making in southern European regions and countries .

The event is finished.

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